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When You Need A Dentist in Tempe with a Personal Touch, Give us a Call!

                                Uniquely, we are a mother and son dental practice. We offer more than biannual maintenance and emergency dental care. While regular check-ups are important, we want to help our patients understand that building good habits is the best way to ensure dental health. That's why we take great pride in offering the services and information you need to move forward with your dental care. We hope that you'll use us as a resource for understanding dental conditions and treatments. With our help, you'll have the information you need to make informed decisions about your family's oral health!

Dr. Merchant is an Emergency Dentist in Tempe that Residents Can Count On!

Not all dental needs take place during business hours, which is why we take great pride in having an emergency dentist in Tempe, who is available around-the-clock for emergency needs. Whether you have a toothache, chipped enamel, or some other emergency need, contact us right away at (480)966-9936 and we'll get your dental emergency taken care of in no time.

Schedule Your Check-Up Today

Whether you're new to the area or becoming concerned with your dental care because of neglect or absence, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us today. When it comes to finding a quality dentist in Tempe, there's no better resource than the professionals at the office of Dr. Merchant and Dr. Merchant. We'll help you get back on track with your oral hygiene and resolve any problems that may be developing. Simply contact our office and schedule an appointment for you and your family today!

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